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ZW3D Workshop

Practical Workshop CAD/CAM at an affordable price. ZW3D Workshop is a complete 3D CAD/CAM package to suit the needs of design and manufacturing, tool shops, fabricators, custom kit makers and machinists. End-to-end CAD/CAM feature set includes all technical design, assembly, checking and documentation tools included with ZW3D bundled with first-in-class prismatic 2.5x and 3x CNC milling, Lathe Turning, toolpath verification and post processing all in one affordable package.Show More.

ZW3D Workshop Complete Package:

  • All Features included from ZW3D full design suite (CAD) plus...
  • 2.5 Axis "Prismatic" Machining, Profiling, Pocketing
  • 3 Axis QuickMill technology simultaneous 3 Axis cutting
  • Lathe Turning ID and OD cut, thread, groove and holemaking
  • Stock size calculation, visualization and adjustment
  • Linear Parallel, Zigzag and Spiral Roughing and Finishing
  • Drill Tap and Bore hole types; coutersink, counterbore etc.
  • Auto-feature Tactics Automatic generation of 3D machining plans
  • Smoothflow Adaptive Feedrate technology for HSM toolpath optimization.
  • Secondary Toolpath Editor for small toolpath adjustments
  • Solid shaded or wireframe CNC backplot verification
  • Full ZW3D Post Editor Toolkit and CNC/G-Code Postprocessor
  • Optional USB or Floating Network License Options.
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