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ZW3D Standard

No other 3D CAD system comes close in value-for-dollar. ZW3D Standard is the Professional's Choice for advanced mechanical design in 3D CAD, including intelligent tools for 3D Sheet Metal design, 3D Weldment Design, 3D Rendering, Scanner Point-Cloud Reverse Engineering, Variant Assembly Configurations and Industrial Surface Design tools. Advanced 3D design commands like Variable Sweeps and Lofts, Spiral Sweep, Rib Network, Modify Fillet, Two-Rail Loft, Replace, Merge and more. ZW3D Standard takes full advantage of its unique single data model for combining all entity types: solid, surface and wireframe. Show More.

ZW3D Standard Includes our Complete Set of Mechanical Design Tools:

  • All Features included from ZW3D LITE plus...
  • Advanced 'Top-Down' Assembly and Animation
  • Variant Design with Multiple Product Configurations
  • Industrial Design / "A" Class Freeform Surfacing
  • Full Sheet Metal Suite, Flatten and Auto-Nest for CNC
  • Weldment Construction with Profile Library, Cut List & BOM
  • Advanced Render Viewing with Texture Bitmaps
  • Reverse Engineering 3D Point Cloud & Mesh Suite
  • Part Design Commands for Replace or Merge Features
  • Advanced 3D Variable and Spiral Sweep Options
  • Advanced 3D Loft with Drive Curve and Bi-Rail Options
  • 3D Shape Offset, Morphing, Stretch, Twist & Taper
  • Embossing Tool for 3D Bitmap Feature
  • Rib Network Tool for Moulded Plastics
  • Modify Bodies by Control Points
  • Optional USB or Floating Network License Options.
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