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ZW3D 3X Machining

Low Cost 3-Axis Milling and Lathe package for Australia's practical machinist. ZW3D 3X Machining is a complete 3D CNC machinist package to suit the needs of design and manufacturing, tool shops, fabricators, custom kit makers and machinists. Feature set includes basic CAD design, assembly, checking and documentation tools included with ZW3D LITE bundled with first-in-class prismatic 2.5x and 3x CNC milling, Lathe Turning, toolpath verification and post processing all in one affordable package.Show More.

ZW3D 3X Axis Machining Software:

  • All Features included from ZW3D LITE 3D CAD (CAD) plus...
  • 2.5 Axis "Prismatic" Machining, Profiling, Pocketing
  • 3 Axis QuickMill technology simultaneous 3 Axis cutting
  • Lathe Turning ID and OD cut, thread, groove and holemaking
  • Stock size calculation, visualization and adjustment
  • Linear Parallel, Zigzag and Spiral Roughing and Finishing
  • Drill Tap and Bore hole types; coutersink, counterbore etc.
  • Auto-feature Tactics Automatic generation of 3D machining plans
  • Smoothflow Adaptive Feedrate technology for HSM toolpath optimization.
  • Secondary Toolpath Editor for small toolpath adjustments
  • Solid shaded or wireframe CNC backplot verification
  • Full ZW3D Post Editor Toolkit and CNC/G-Code Postprocessor
  • Optional USB or Floating Network License Options.
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