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ZW3D Learning Center

Learn 3D CAD for mechanical design on your own terms using our free resoutrce center. Updated regularly. Select a video from the drop-down menu categories below, or download further resources. Additional free Q&A support for ZW3D is offered free on the CADDIT ZW3D forum. If you need personalized technical support or are interested in attending one of our events, please contact us for more details on pricing, possible discounts and availability.

Training Manual Starters (The full collection is found in the 'pdf' subfolder of your ZW3D installation):

ZW3D CAD Fundamentals (PDF)

ZW3D Advanced 3D Modeling (PDF)

ZW3D CAM Overview (PDF)

Latest Demo

ZW3D associativity between CAD and CAM.

Notes: This is a silent video. Update is essentially a three-click operation: From CAM Manager Tab -> Update Status, From open Status Dialog click "Update Components" and "Update Operations" buttons respectively.

User Showcase

This injection mould assembly demonstrates a typical slider mechanism. Top level assembly includes dozens of parts, showcasing ZW3D powerful multi-object file format capabilitiers.

3D injection mould design assembly

Visit the ZW3D Library for hundreds of other examples.


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